Alignment Repair Reno

Alignment & Suspension Repair in Reno, Nevada

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When It’s a Bit Off, We Can Get You Back On Track! Everyone knows the roads need work. There are potholes, debris, and many other things that you can potentially hit while you’re on the road.  Alignment issues are bound to happen and you may never notice. Here at Hi-Tech Auto in Reno, NV our trained technicians can easily spot …

Automotive Electrical Repair In Reno, Nevada

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All your Electrical Needs Hi Tech Automotive has the best Automotive Electrical Repair service in Reno, NV. Every year cars get more and more high-tech, which mean electrical issues get more frequent, so why not get your local Hi-Tech Automotive technician to deal with the problem. Our professionally trained technicians are more than ready to scan, diagnose, and treat any …

Automotive Programming in Reno, NV

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If you got it we can program it! At Hi Tech Automotive, we pride ourselves in providing quality automotive programming and service to our customers in Reno, Nevada. As part of that quality service, we bring highly skilled technicians that do everything you need in terms of program repair. Whether it’s a small bug or a system damaging crisis, we …