Wheels and Alignment


Wheels and Alignments

We fix it when no one can.

It’s no surprise that Hi-Tech Automotive in Reno, NV is oftenly fixing wheel and alignment issues when the other shops can’t. Many customers have taken their vehicles to tons of shops in hope for a proper fix. The outcome usually ends up being an unhappy customer searching for a quality shop. That’s why when they finally found Hi-Tech Automotive they are left happy and convinced this will be the last time they have this issue.

Wheel Alignment

When your tires are out of alignment it can lead to costly repairs if done improperly. Tires will wear unevenly causing you to replace your tires much earlier than before. The suspension can be thrown off due to improper alignment causing you to replace your suspension. Each oil change you get, make sure to get your wheels and tires aligned. Schedule your appointment now and avoid the stress of costly repairs!