Engine Repair in Reno, Nevada

Engine Repair Reno NV

Engine Repair (major/minor)

Hi Tech Automotive provides quality engine repair in Reno, Nevada. The engine is the powerhouse to any motor vehicle. No matter what other repairs you get to your vehicle, it will mean nothing if your engine doesn't work correctly. Major or minor engine repair are of the upmost importance and need to put it in the hands of an auto repair shop you can trust. Our technicians at Hi-Tech Auto in Reno, NV  are the most trusted in Reno to handle any engine issue, big or small. We will take our time to put in the most precise care so that you never have to come back in for the same issue twice. Dents and scratches will come and go, but engine issues can linger and cause you massive trouble. No matter the engine, Hi-Tech Automotive will provide luxury service for any ride.

Timing Belt

The timing belt is an essential piece of the engine, causing the valves to open and close with precise timing. A timing belt should be replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. A broken timing belt will make your vehicle inoperable while also causing extreme damage to other pieces of the engine. Make sure to have your timing belt properly checked by our technicians at Hi-Tech Automotive in Reno, NV.

Motor Mounts

Each time you drive your vehicle, the engine shakes rapidly due to the fast motions of the pistons moving up and down. If the engine was bolted directly to the car, then the whole body of the car would shake. That’s why motor mounts are an essential piece to any vehicle. The mounts absorb the friction, therefore causing extreme stress and are prone to being worn down. Come down and have your motor mounts check or replaced by our team at Hi-Tech Automotive in Reno, NV. Schedule an Appointment today.