Automotive Electrical Repair In Reno, Nevada

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All your Electrical Needs

Hi Tech Automotive has the best Automotive Electrical Repair service in Reno, NV. Every year cars get more and more high-tech, which mean electrical issues get more frequent, so why not get your local Hi-Tech Automotive technician to deal with the problem. Our professionally trained technicians are more than ready to scan, diagnose, and treat any problem.

Alternator & Start Diagnostics

Imagine you start your car and begin to drive, but slowly notice your AC isn’t working. Next your radio shuts off, and maybe your headlights begin to dim. It’s possible this could be a battery problem, but more likely it’s due to a failing alternator. An alternator is a mechanical device that generates a current for recharging your battery and powering vehicle electrical services. Prevent a bad alternator from stranding you by contacting Hi-Tech Automotive today. We are located in Reno, Nevada.


A vehicle’s battery is the backbone of all electrical services supplying power to the ignition and starter systems. Batteries don’t always show signs that they are failing, which makes them difficult to maintain. That’s why it’s important to periodically check your battery at every oil change. If you need a new battery or want your current one inspected, visit Hi-Tech automotive in Reno, NV. Our state of the art service and repair team will be sure to provide you with the best results and get you back on the road in a safe and timely manner.

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